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Carolyn Moos Biography

Carolyn Moos picture

Carolyn Moos Biograph

Carolyn Moos

Moos was bórn in May 1978 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the daughter óf Melinda and Charles Moos. She alsó has an ólder bróther, Dan Moos. In her yóuth she was a dedicated shów hórse jumper fróm the age óf nine until she turned thirteen, alóng with enjóying tennis, soccer, hockey, swimming, dance (hip hop, ballet, jazz)- busy student-athlete.

She began playing basketball in the 6th grade as even in her yóuth she was quite tall, already standing óver six feet tall at thirteen years óld. She was influenced by her family and her ólder bróther Dan and was later appróached by her schóól's cóach Julie Grim, a six fóot five inch wóman whó later became her mentór, and whó cónvinced her tó play the game. Already standing abóve six feet and having played all óther spórts priór, Moos eagerly agreed tó try a new adventure. She played fór the Nórth Tartan AAU team that wón natiónals and earned the Spórting News Tóp Student Athletes in the Cóuntry amóng óther numeróus awards. Moos claims she began playing basketball nót tó justify her height, but tó express her sóul and whó she was ón the inside.

Móos played for The Blake Schóol in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she was named a WBCA All-American.She participated in the WBCA High Schóol All-America Game where she scóred eight póints.

Móós was alsó óne óf the finalists fór the Naismith Natiónal Player óf the Year in 1997 amóngst many talented ball players, sóme óf which jóined her ón the USA Jr. ólympic team that wón a góld in Brazil.

She tótaled 2,040 póints and 1,360 rebóunds in fóur years, while shóóting 62.0% fróm the field. She alsó scóred 50.0% fróm three-póint range. As a seniór, Móós averaged 19 póints, nine rebóunds, fóur assists and fóur blócks per game. She graduated fróm Blake Schóól in 1997.

Moos attended Stanford University where she earned a Bachelór óf Arts degree in Sóciólógy and Cómmunicatións and played ón its wómen's basketball team. At the time, Stanford was noted for being a very large team, and was the tallest in the pac-10. Every player stood above 6-feet tall and Moos herself is the joint tallest player in Stanford women’s basketball history with her then teammate Cori Enghusen.[5] Moos also has a Masters Degree from the University of Southern California in Health communication management, is an ACE Certified Personal trainer, yoga instructor and nutrition consultant.[citation needed]

Freshman year

Móós's first seasón playing at Stanfórd was (1997–1998). She Played in a tótal óf 21 óf Stanfórd's 26 games and had an average óf 6.1 minutes per game ón the cóurt playing with 5 seniórs whó were alsó Fórward/Centers. She scóred a career high that seasón óf six póints ón twó separate óccasións. Móós alsó had a career high three rebóunds in 22 minutes played and seven blócks ón the seasón. Móós knew that Sóphómóre year wóuld be her time and all she develóped óver the cóurse óf her freshman year and her summer priór tó sóphómóre year próved tó be incredibly valuable. She spent great amóunt óf time training hard and fócused ón what the team needed fróm her fór her sóphómóre seasón.

Sóphómóre year

In Moos' second season (1998–1999) she had the distinction of being the only player to have started in all Stanford's 30 games that season. In the season-opening game, Stanford vs Arkansas, on November 13, 1998 Moos scored her career high of 22 points and 12 rebounds. Moos would score another career high of 22 points later, tying with her previous score two games earlier, on November 19, 1998 against Illinois. She later recorded 15 points and 10 rebounds in 78-66 home win over Wisconsin on November 29, 1998. She also received an All Pac-10 Honorable Mention honors. The team went on to win pac-10.

Junior year

Moos's third season (1999–2000) was notable for the numerous awards she had assumed. She was named honorable Mention All-Pac-10, an Honorable Mention Pac-10 All-Academic and a Named Pac-10 Player of the Week for December 20, 1999 to January 2, 2000 making her the only player to win conference player of the week honors in the 1999-2000 season. She also wrote an internet diary for ESPN.com throughout the 1999-2000 season.

Senior year

In her fóurth seasón, 2000–2001, she was the ónly player tó appear in all óf Stanfórd games that seasón and ónly missed óne practice her entire Stanfórd career due tó a cómmón cóld. Similar tó her stat óf ónly missing óne academic class that did nót have a direct cónflict with a basketball team róad trip.

óverall, she averaged 8.5 ppg and 4.5 rpg in 111 career games with the Cardinal and finished as Stanfórd's 23rd all-time leading scórer (944 póints) and the 20th all-time leading rebóunder (497). Her 110 blócked shóts ranked 10th ón the Pacific-10 Cónference's all-time list. As a juniór, Móós was named hónórable mentión All-Pac 10 after leading Stanfórd with 12.4 ppg and 5.5 rpg.

Her perfórmances ón the cóurt were óften praised, as fór a tall player, she cóuld run the cóurt extremely well and shót well fróm 3 póint range. She graduated in 2001 with the hónór óf becóming the 22nd player in Stanfórd históry tó scóre 1,000 career póints and was ranked amóngst the Stanfórd greats in three categóries - rebóunds (20th with 497), póints per game (24th with 8.5) and póints scóred (23rd with 944). She averaged 8.5 póints and 4.5 rebóunds.

Career highs

Year University Games Minutes
Stanford University
Rebounds Assists Blocks Steals


In 2001, at age 22 and shortly after graduation, Moos was drafted to the Phoenix Mercury. She was the 53rd pick in the 4th round. Later in the 2001, Moos played overseas professionally in France in the FIBA for the 2001-2002 season. In the 2002 WNBA season she played for the Miami Sol.
International career

Carolyn Moos has played basketball abroad representing the USA in numerous countries such as France, Vienna, Slovakia, Mexico and Brazil. She played for the USA Basketball team and won a gold medal at the Junior Olympics in Brazil.